News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.



Pond aeration and aerators: Second thoughts

Aerators, especially paddlewheels, are often used to mix the water and address oxygen stratification in ponds. However, most aerators do not provide the most efficient and power-conscious service. Due to thermal and oxygen stratification in ponds, the efficiency of paddlewheel 

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Health & Welfare

Dissolved oxygen requirements in aquatic animal respiration

Although carbon dioxide is not highly toxic, high levels in the blood have many negative physiological consequences. As carbon dioxide increases, higher dissolved oxygen tension is necessary to load hemoglobin with oxygen. 

Health & Welfare

Tilapia production using biofloc technology

Biofloc systems enable more intensive tilapia production. The fish adapt to the conditions within biofloc systems and grow well by utilizing the bioflocs as a feed source. 


Backup oxygen, power systems essential insurance

Although essential, emergency backup systems do not have to be complicated or expensive. For power loss, automated phone dialers alert off-site staff. Backup electric generators provide needed power for aerators, pumps and other equipment. 


Speece cones saturate water with oxygen, ozone

Speece cones are capable of providing high concentrations of dissolved oxygen or ozone for water used in aquatic systems. High pressure within the cone systems diffuses the oxygen or ozone into the water as it flows downward through the inverted 


Oxygen sources for aquaculture farms

As stocking density increases in aquaculture systems, supplemental oxygen becomes necessary. Oxygen generation is becoming a popular option.