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Europeans need a new shrimp narrative

Media coverage fuels negative perceptions of farmed shrimp among Europeans. A paper – similar to one on pangasius consumption four years ago – finds the sector is doing too little to rectify ill-founded notions. 

Health & Welfare

Síndrome de Heces Blancas en Camarones: ¿Predictor de EHP?

Un estudio demuestra una fuerte asociación entre el Síndrome de las Heces Blancas y Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei en regiones endémicas de EHP. Las estrategias de bioseguridad pueden minimizar el riesgo de propagación de patógenos en las Américas. 

Health & Welfare

White Feces Syndrome in shrimp: Predictor of EHP?

Study demonstrates strong association between White Feces Syndrome and Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei in EHP-endemic regions. Biosecurity strategies can minimize the risk of pathogen’s spread in the Americas. 


Feed formulations affect shrimp flavor, texture

Fish-free diets are suitable for shrimp production and can generate high-quality product. Consumer preferences for the flavor of shrimp and texture attributes need exploration.