News features and technical articles about the evolution of aquaculture, one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Steven Summerfelt

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For the future, a feed that makes fish feces float?

German researcher believes that floating fish feces – stemming from cork used in feed blends – would help recirculating aquaculture systems more efficiently remove suspended solids. The big question is, will feed manufacturers get on board? 


Woodchip bioreactors effectively treat aquaculture effluent

Woodchip bioreactors can efficiently remove nitrate, phosphorus and total suspended solids from aquaculture wastewaters. Denitrification treatment of the relatively organic-rich aquaculture wastewater is a new and useful application to protect against water pollution. 

Innovation & Investment

Getting proficient in RAS fundamentals

A number of large salmon farming companies are now investing significantly to increase land-based, water recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) in northern Europe and North America, and there is likely a need for more trained farm personnel to run and manage 


Fishmeal-free Atlantic salmon feed formulation shows promise

A recent study evaluated the effects of a fishmeal-free diet on Atlantic salmon performance and fillet quality during successful growout to market-size in a commercial-scale, land-based, closed-containment system using water recirculation technology. Test fish performed well, with 97 percent survival 

Health & Welfare

Novel air-based system transfers large salmon during harvest

To evaluate the application of an air pressure-based transport method within a recirculating aquaculture system, the authors performed testing with harvest-size salmon at The Conservation Fund Freshwater Institute.