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What Your Peers Are Saying on MyGAA

  • “RE: The Current State of Seaweed”

    Dear Ms. Tyler and respondents to this discussion, The article, and the subsequent thoughts, which you've posted have got great insights, and it gives a pretty decent 'big picture' view of the status of seaweed culture. In my humble opinion,…

    Deepen Modi

  • “RE: The Current State of Seaweed”

    Hi Tyler, Great to see some seaweed talk on GAA !!! The potential for seaweed "in the west" is growing and I believe that with time, this industry will become an important aquaculture activity.  Currently, wild harvesting, leads the way.…

    Artur Simoes

  • “RE: The Current State of Seaweed”

    Tyler , While you mentioned the potential role of seaweed as an fuel source, I see tremendous potential for the grow of ocean farming in providing renewable energy.  This view is shared by the US DoE and I suggest a…

    Clifford Goudey

  • “The Current State of Seaweed”

    Hey guys! I recently published a post about farmed seaweed on the Global Aquaculture Alliance blog. I would love some feedback!  What else should we be discussing when we talk about the future of seaweed in aquaculture?? Seaweed: An Essential Segment…

    Tyler Work

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