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What Your Peers Are Saying on MyGAA

  • “Shrimp-rice farming Model”

    Shrimp – rice model has been carried out by Bạc Liêu farmers (Vietnam) for many years as it is sustainable, friendly to the environment, helps adapt climate change, and brings high efficiency.  Profits increase 15%-30% more than monoculture. More details…

    Simao Zacarias

  • “Artemia technologies that can suppress vibrios and hatch in the dark”

    Pioneering technologies that create Artemia that can suppress vibrio growth and hatch in the dark have been launched today by INVE Aquaculture, Benchmark's Advanced Nutrition division. Further details here:  https://www.benchmarkplc.com/news/taking-artemia-to-the-next-level/    This is good news when looking at biosecurity concerns…

    Simao Zacarias

  • “RE: Husbandry and breeding of Aristeus antennatus”

    Hi Reece To my knowledge there is nothing on culture of the blue-red shrimp ( Aristeus antennatus ). Available information is related to fishery. Some authors consider Aristeus antennatus as Penaeus antennatus , I think you can relate to other…

    Simao Zacarias

  • “Cleaner shrimp”

    Scientist in Australia have found a potential Cleaner shrimp species ( Lysmata vittata ) . It is first reported shrimp to be used  as a natural alternative to conventional fish health treatments in aquaculture.  Further details you can find them…

    Simao Zacarias

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