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What Your Peers Are Saying on MyGAA

  • “Calysta - Technical Director, Aquaculture”

    Calysta is an innovator in sustainable products to improve worldwide food security. Calysta is developing and commercializing FeedKind® protein, a sustainable and traceable alternative feed ingredient for fish, livestock and pet nutritional products. Produced via a natural fermentation, FeedKind® is…

    Allan LeBlanc

  • “VP of Operations w/ North Star Seafood”

    Company: North Star Seafood Title: VP of Operations Location: Pompano Beach, Florida, USA Summary: This is a Senior Leadership Operations position responsible for Inbound and Outbound Warehouse; Fleet Services; Facilities Management (including building, grounds, power industrial equipment, sanitation and security),…

    Maddie Cassidy

  • “Indian shrimp production”

      After the whitespot virus decimated India's shrimp production in 2000, Gujarat's producers came together to source quality seed and feed, share farming practices with "strict biosecurity protocols" and take their product to market. Today Gujarat is home to 600…

    Simao Zacarias

  • “RE: Aquasafra Tilapia Hatchery Florida free of Tilapia Lake Virus”

    Concratulations! Good news! I think all hatcherys should be certified disease free for most important virusses (en bacteria). The hatchery of Til-Aqua International is disease free for more than 30 years. A disease-free certification should be the standard when buying/supplying…

    Jeroen Schuphof

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