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What Your Peers Are Saying on MyGAA

  • “Aquaculture Marine Spatial Scientist Opportunity with TNC and NOAA”

    Click here to apply: Marine Spatial Science- CSS in support of the Nature Conservancy and NOAA. Responsibilities Essential Duties:    The successful applicant will conduct research in support of the The Nature Conservancy and the National Centers for Coastal Ocean…

    Robert Jones

  • “Production Technician w/ Oceano Fresco”

    Company: Oceano Fresco Job title: Production Technician Location: Nazaré, Portugal Summary:  Hiring for five production technicians. These positions will be hired to become part of the hatchery production team. They will participate in all phases of the production process, from…

    Maddie Cassidy

  • “Cultivation R&D Manager w/ Oceano Fresco”

    Company: Oceano Fresco Job title: Cultivation R&D Manager Location: Nazaré, Portugal Summary:  The main responsibility will be executing the bivalve breeding program and developing R&D activities to optimize hatchery cultivation process from the broodstock conditioning and spawning to larval and…

    Maddie Cassidy

  • “Fish Nutritionist opportunity”

    KnipBio is looking for a fish nutritionist to lead and manage animal trials, fish behavior and feed formulation. Please contact or check KnipBio | Enabling Sustainable Aquaculture   knipbio remove preview KnipBio | Enabling Sustainable Aquaculture KnipBio is creating environmentally…

    Catherine Pujol-Baxley

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