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What Your Peers Are Saying on MyGAA

  • “The Aquaculture Atlas Project”

    The Aquaculture Atlas Project allows you to explore local and continental patterns of growth and decline in the aquaculture industry. New Updates every month! See the project video attached. Project page: https://euriconoleto.shinyapps.io/ProjectAqui/ Twitter: ProjectAqui - Aquaculture Atlas (@projectaqui) | Twitter…

    Eurico Noleto-Filho

  • “Hybrid biofloc”

    Any one tried hybrid biofloc using fluidized sand filter.... Without mechanical filter Aswin Aravind Mechanical engineer Kollam CT

    Aswin Aravind

  • “Innovative tool for shrimp farming”

    Hello Everyone, I am working with an American start-up which is developing a non-invasive tool for collecting data on shrimp farms including shrimp count, size distribution, and shrimp behavior, particularly for intensive farming.  The data may be useful in disease…

    Maelle Pasquiou

  • “RE: Feed for tilapia”

    To All Thanks very much for every bodies help. Included a video of my hatchery in Mozambique. Alwyn Kruger - Original Message: Sent: 02-19-2019 10:09 From: Lukas Manomaitis Subject: Feed for tilapia There is a publicly available aquaculture feed formulation…

    Alwyn Kruger

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