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What Your Peers Are Saying on MyGAA

  • “MyGAA Update”

    Hello MyGAA users! I hope you're doing well – I'm writing to you today to let you know that we will be migrating platforms for our GAA Community from MyGAA to a new community, launching in the coming months. This…

    Maddie Cassidy

  • “Situations Vacant - Oman”

    Oceanic Shrimp Aquaculture LLC., a subsidiary of Fisheries Development Oman SAOC is looking for the recruitment of following positions for their Shrimp Farm at Qurun, South of Muscat. Interest Candidates may send their CV to Positions available are; 1.Shrimp…

    Sasikumar Pallath Kumaran

  • “Molting In Vannamei”

    Hi Every one, I am Aquaculture specialist, doing some image analysis on molted shrimps, I know that farmers observe molting stage of shrimp by touching them and observe the shell hardness, is there a way to observe hard and soft…

    Wajeeha Ali

  • “RE: Seaweed Standards”

    Hi Barry, Many thanks for forwarding these documents. It's exciting to hear about all your kelp farming and related work. Thank you for introducing your group and your students. I will forward to Andy Woolmer as he completes his review…

    Dan Lee

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