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  • “Shrimp farm hydrokinetic generation project.”

    Hi,my name is Martin Pasos.I'm a renewable energy project developer.For the last seven years I've been working on a project that involves hydrokinetic energy generation in shrimp farms.The main goal is to generate enough energy to martin jimenez

    martin jimenez

  • “This May Be the Key to Sustainable Aquaculture”

    Here's a great read exploring sustainable feed options for the aquaculture industry.  Just a few years ago, it was taboo to buy farmed fish, but now, experts are saying aquaculture might actually be the only way to ensure sustainable seafood consumption. This May…

    Devan Meserve

  • “Aquaculture Strategy Specialist w/ The Nature Conservancy”

    Company:  The Nature Conservancy Title: Aquaculture Strategy Specialist Location:  DC Metro Area More info: Summary: The Aquaculture Strategy Specialist provides programmatic, technical, and scientific support for The Nature Conservancy's new and emerging Global Aquaculture Strategy – "Aquaculture by Design". Devan Meserve…

    Devan Meserve

  • “Hatchery/ Field Technician w/ Shinnecock Indian Nation”

    Company: Shinnecock Indian Nation Title:  Hatchery/ Field Technician Location: Southampton, NY More info: Summary:  Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned. - Assist the Field Manager in the operation of the aquaculture and restoration project. - Responsible…

    Devan Meserve

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