A look at various intensive shrimp farming systems in Asia

Nyan Taw, Ph.D.
intensive shrimp farm

Commercial implementation of biofloc and RAS production systems help control shrimp farming diseases Intensive shrimp farm in Bali, Indonesia producing shrimp in a biofloc system (Taw and Setio, 2014). Before the mid-1990s, the major diseases affecting the farmed shrimp industry were of bacterial origin. But in Asia and from late 1994, the appearance of various,…

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  • Nyan Taw, Ph.D.

    Nyan Taw, Ph.D.

    Shrimp Aquaculture Consultant
    Former Sr. Technical Adviser/GM Blue Archipelago BHD, Malaysia, CTA of FAO Projects of the UN, and SVP/ VP of integrated shrimp farming companies (Dipasena and CPB) in Indonesia
    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia